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Greetings! I’m Leslie. I’m a happy Cat City resident that makes an honest living resurfacing and replastering swimming pools throughout Coachella Valley. I’ve been doing this for over 34 years so I’ve seen and done it all when it comes to plastering swimming pools. I even saw a hot tub filled with hot chocolate one time!

But enough about me, your pool needs to be resurfaced!

Call if you need a good price and great quality with anything related to swimming pool resurfacing, swimming pool replastering, fiberglass pool resurfacing, cement aggregate resurfacing, concrete pool resurfacing, tile resurfacing, deck repairs, deck coatings, swimming pool builders in Cathedral City, Diamond Brite coatings, Hydrazzo, quartz, leaks, coatings, swimming pool resurfacing companies in Cathedral City, repairs, swimming pool remodeling… get the point here. We can make ANY pool like brand new again.

We’re guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having the best value (price + quality).

It’s our goal to provide you with such a great experience that you’ll tell everyone you know about us.

Cathedral City, Palm Springs, Indio, and the entire Coachella Valley are the areas we can service the fastest.

Call for a free consultation or if you have a question about your swimming pool, we’d be happy to help you and tell you what we know.

Always trust an experienced professional to resurface your swimming pool.


Pool Services We Offer:

Concrete Pool Resurfacing

Make any concrete pool surface brand new again with the right resurfacing methods

Aggregate Resurfacing

For a flawless cement aggregate surface that is beautiful, durable, and slip resistant

Fiberglass Resurfacing

Restore & refinish any fiberglass swimming pool to truly last a lifetime

Pool Tile Resurfacing

Never worry about your tiled pool again. We make any tiled pool better than brand new

Pool Deck Repair

Pool deck repair & resurfacing for a complete pool experience

Pool Deck Painting

Keep your feet cool & your pool deck protected with our top rated coatings




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Why Choose Our Pool Resurfacing Company?

We are experts in this field with 21+ years of experience!

We offer affordable and transparent rates!

Our awesome reviews will give you the idea of how great our services are!

Not only that we are experts on this field, but we are only licensed, bonded, and insured!

We make it easy for you by having a convenient payment options.

We will make sure that if you hire us, you will not experience any kind of stress!

Our customer service is also excellent!

We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction!

We also offer a free consultations and cost estimates.

No worries because we treat your pool as if it were our own pool!

We have full-time employees with experience and great skills

The Cost of Pool Resurfacing in Cathedral City, CA: You Want To Pay For Quality!

cathedral city pool resurfacing

Nowadays, competition in the pool resurfacing and remodeling industry is stiff. A quick look at your local directory or the recommendations from a home improvement store will show dozens of eager contractors. Tile replacement, concrete cracks repairs, and deck maintenance jobs are all handled by a variety of landscapers and construction workers.

Why Contact The Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing Pros?

In this business, it pays to be honest. And the truth is, you are probably going to be able to find someone who will resurface your pool quicker and for less money than us.

But what these penny-pinching options don’t tell you is that doing things right the first time can be a much better investment in the decade to come!

Our Typical Resurfacing Client

We have worked with all kinds of clients, both private and commercial, over the 10 years that we have been in business.

Our typical client, however, is still the middle-class California homeowner who is willing to invest in his or her family’s future. In fact, this is who we feel the most comfortable with!

On average, our clients call us for a 15,000 gallon pool and spend between $5,000 to $15,000 on their pool remodeling project – depending on whether they are simply resurfacing their pool or entrusting us with a full revamp of their home spa area, patio covers, and outdoor lighting included.

Our average client’s yearly family income falls within the $75,000 – $100,000 range. That’s not quite up with the rich and famous. These are families who are simply looking for a beautiful pool that won’t need costly repairs every summer.

What are You Paying For?

In a nutshell: experienced workers, comprehensive insurance coverage, premium materials, and a 10-year warranty.

This is why we take our time every step of the way. We want to make sure that the area we are working on is clean, thoroughly prepped, and everything is ready for a seamless job. This way, we can ensure all surfaces are tightly-bonded, well-polished, and properly molded.

Do you want to hear a little secret about our marketing strategy? Most of our business comes from referrals. This is why each satisfied client is the best investment we can make! This is also why we are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your new pool surface will last for years to come.

What Exactly Do We Do?

For those of us who have spent a long time in this business, it can be easy to get redirected in the talk of Hydrazzo, quartz finishes and chemical bonding. However, you, the customer, may have no idea what we are talking about!

So, we have created this quick guide listing all the steps that are involved in resurfacing your pool. Now, you’ll know what each one of our workers is up to while we make (and clean up) a mess of pool area.

Pool Resurfacing Options

Most concrete and tile pools and decks need the resurfacing process every 5-10 years. Fiberglass can go a little longer in the 10-15 year range if it doesn’t have any problems. If your pool is coming up on that mark, it’s probably in need of resurfacing.

There is definitely a variety of resurfacing options when it comes to pool and deck finishes in the Cathedral City area. Some of the most popular are Portland cement plaster, aggregate, fiberglass and tile.

Concrete – Portland cement has the advantage of being affordable and durable. It can last for up to 7 years without needing any repair work. While fairly plain, you can get colored concrete to add to your pool’s appeal.

Cement Aggregate – Aggregate is Portland cement with some other material mixed in. It can include pieces of quartz, granite, or tiles. It’s an affordable option that will add some color to your pool. Diamond Brite pool resurfacing is the most popular aggregate option in Cathedral City, but pebble finishes are another popular option in this category.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass comes in a variety of colors to match your style, lasts a long time, and naturally requires less cleaning than concrete or aggregate because of its nonporous texture.

Tile – Finally, you can get tile resurfacing with glass tiles, ceramic tiles, or porcelain tiles. And there is a wide selection of each. This is the most expensive option pool resurfacing companies in Cathedral City offer, but it’s also the most decorative. You can also perform easy pool tile repair if a piece chips or cracks.

At the Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing Company, we can handle any questions you might have about resurfacing pool decks or your resurfacing options. We can also help you with drains, drain channels, draining covers, non-slip flooring options, expansion joints, epoxy, sealer, overlay, and repainting. Call us for a free estimate!

Concrete Pool Resurfacing Cost

Concrete pool resurfacing options includes plain concrete, colored concrete, aggregate, and pebble finishes.

We can’t give you specifics about what to expect for your concrete pool resurfacing cost, but we can tell you what factors will affect the price. 

The most obvious factor is the size of your pool. But shape will also play a significant part in your concrete pool resurfacing cost because curves are more time-consuming to work with. The materials used in your pool construction will play a part as will what finish you’d like and if you want to apply a pattern to the finish.

Plain and colored concrete are the least expensive with pebble finishes being the most. Most Cathedral City pool owners are looking for “Diamond Brite pool resurfacing near me” because out of all the concrete pool resurfacing options, Diamond Brite does the best job of combining durability, attractiveness, and affordability. It can last for up to 12 years and only needs acid washing every 5 years to stay bright and clean. You can also get Diamond Brite in a number of color options to suit your design preference. 

If you have a plain concrete finish, consider upgrading to Diamond Brite as an affordable option. If you already have Diamond Brite, we can upgrade your pool to a pebble finish or a finish. Doing so will be a little more expensive, but the difference it makes will be like installing a new pool. Any changes you make in the finish, however, will show a big difference in your swimming pool resurfacing before and after photos.

So, if you’re looking for Diamond Brite pool resurfacing near me” or any other type of finish, give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your concrete pool resurfacing options and give you a free estimate.

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Cost

Like the concrete pool resurfacing cost, your fiberglass pool resurfacing cost will mostly depend on the size of your pool. Shape doesn’t play as much of a role because the gel we apply is easier work with around curves. 

The condition of your fiberglass, however, will be a determining factor. Obviously, the fiberglass resurfacing cost will be a little higher if there are large crack in the fiberglass that we need to fill in. We are experts at fiberglass pool repair, though, so even if there are some problems, we’ll leave your pool looking like new again.

Give us a call with the dimensions of your pool, and we’ll do our best to give you a fiberglass pool resurfacing cost estimate over the phone.

Pool Tile Repair, Fiberglass Pool Repair, and Deck Resurfacing

Besides being one of the best pool resurfacing companies in Cathedral City, we can also provide quick repairs or deck resurfacing.

Services Offered

The services that we offer include:

  • Pool tile repair
  • Fiberglass pool repair
  • Deck repair
  • Deck painting
  • Resurfacing pool decks, especially pool deck resurfacing
  • Ladders and handrail replacement

We can perform these services as part of a full pool resurfacing project or, if it’s not time for pool resurfacing yet, as standalone services.

Our concrete pool deck surfacing service will fill in any cracks or chips in your deck, and then completely re-smooth your surface with any texture or pattern you like.

You can keep the same finish you had before or use our concrete pool deck resurfacing service to upgrade to a colored concrete, a decorative aggregate, or an attractive pebble finish. Even if you don’t change your pool’s finish, concrete pool deck resurfacing can make your entire pool area look new again.

Give us a call and tell us what you need for resurfacing pool decks, pool tile repair, or fiberglass repair.

The Basic Stages of Resurfacing:

Step 1 – Drain, Dry, and Dust:
As obvious as it may sound, this is the first step where a contractors’ mettle begins to show. On the first day on the job, one of our employees will come and drain your pool thoroughly. He or she will also perform a full inspection, identify any vulnerable furniture around the site, and check that all pumps and bubble hoses are working properly.

Step 2 – Prep:
After ensuring everything is neat and dry, we will begin prepping the surfaces to ensure they are smooth enough to be worked on. This will include sand-blasting, multi-coating, and stripping the entire pool surface and covering all the surroundings.

There is no way to sandblast without creating a bit of a mess. However, our workers are committed to keeping the dust to a minimum. No day’s work will be complete until we have cleaned up and removed all of our equipment from your property!

Step 3 – Tile and Masonry Installation:
Now, it’s time to finally install the tiles and decorative features you have chosen for the job! This is the point where their final location and patterns will be literally set in concrete – so we’ll need your final say before we begin.

Since we like to play by the book, we’ll want this stage documented and signed before we move forward. The tiling process itself can last between 1 to 3 days.

Step 4 – Plumbing and Sealant Checks:
One of the most important factors in pool maintenance is water-tightness. After we are done with the tiling, we will take an extra day checking that your plumbing is ready to go and properly sealed. We’ll also take care of any extra repairs needed.

Step 5 – Pool Finish Installation:
After the pool shell has been inspected and cleaned, we will install your chosen finish material. You will finally see the details of your remodeled pool emerge!

This process can take between 1 to 3 days, depending on the material you selected. If you opted for a Beadcrete, Pebble, Hydrazzo, or Quartz finish, this will include a thorough acid wash treatment. This is a standard part of the process for some high-end materials, and will be handled by special personnel.

Step 6 – Clean-Up and Filling:
You will notice that our crew diligently cleans up the mess of each day’s work every evening. However, some extra dirt will have accumulated nonetheless. This is why we will still perform an extra general clean-up after we are finished installing the pool finish. Then, we will fill up your pool – so please stick around to turn off the water off when necessary.

Step 7 – Initial Water Treatment:
This step is the last one necessary to ensure a lasting pool resurfacing job. The initial water treatment process can take up to seven days and may require several checks and tweaks.

Some of our Cathedral City clients prefer to leave this part to their preferred pool service professional. We are always happy to work with them or to do it ourselves. As long as it gets done, it’s your choice!

If you have any extra questions about budgets, procedures, or materials, or want to see before and after pics of our work, give us a call! The Cathedral City Pool Resurfacing Company is eager to show you why we are the best.

Why Choose Us Out of All the Pool Resurfacing Companies in Cathedral City?

There are a lot of pool resurfacing contractors in Cathedral City. So, why choose us for your pool resurfacing, pool tile repair, or deck resurfacing project?

Our customer service record and professional craftsmanship has been recognized by award-giving bodies for excellence in pool tile repair, wood and concrete pool deck resurfacing, and fiberglass pool repair! You can check out our ratings from previous clients to see how we completed their projects quickly and affordably, and to their complete satisfaction.

Here are things that we can offer you:

  • First, we can walk you through the processes and provide you with a detailed estimate for the scope of the work to be done.
  • We will also show you swimming pool resurfacing before and after pictures with different finishes so that you can choose the option that most appeals to you and your budget
  • We give you a schedule of when we’ll complete each step of the process, and we stick to it. We factor in how much time the various materials will need to set and how long it will take us to complete the job for your size of pool or deck.
  • We provide a maintenance package and warranty any work we perform. As one of the best pool resurfacing contractors in Cathedral City, we don’t leave you hanging after we leave. We stand by our work.

As the #1 top choice out of all the pool resurfacing contractors in Cathedral City, we are eager to earn your business not only once, but also the next time you need any repairs or resurfacing.

We thrive on perfection. That includes the quality of our materials, the friendliness of our crew, and our absolutely impeccable workmanship. We will provide you with a warranty of our work completed that serves as our exceptional guarantee that we will be there to address whatever issues may come out after we’ve finished your project. We also offer our clients a continuous pool deck maintenance program.

Yes, there are many pool resurfacing contractors in Cathedral City, but if you’re looking for a top notch service, we invite you to look no further. We deliver the best service for resurfacing pools, fiberglass pool repair, pool tile repair, and resurfacing pool decks.

Call us today and get ready to see a remarkable difference in your swimming pool resurfacing before and after the process.

We serve clients everywhere in Cathedral City and the adjacent areas and cities of the Coachella Valley.


Love Your Pool Again

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